e-Commerce Websites (Online Stores)

If you are looking to sell your products online you will need an e-Commerce website. Basically an e-Commerce website is a shop with a checkout. Customers browse your site (your shop), put the items they like in their basket, and take them to the checkout to pay you.

The shopping sites we build are generally complex with many configurations and options, but we present you with an easy to use administration area for growing your product range and controlling your orders.

Our e-Commerce front end (The bits your customers will see) benefits from:

  • An attractive website that is easy to navigate / find products / Read product descriptions and view images
  • An easy to understand shopping cart / payment section / and checkout system
  • A simple (and totally secure) way to pay you
  • A login area for your customers to track their order.
  • We keep everything simple to understand, but we make it very smart and intelligent!

The administration area of the site (The bits you see):

  • An easy to navigate dashboard (Your login area)
  • Ability to track every sale or every ‘near sale’
  • Ability to put a count on ‘all’ of your stock in less than a minute
  • Ability to keep your customers informed of every step you take (Their payment, their order, their tracking, their order history and much more).
  • Ability to export all your sales and products quickly and precisely.
  • Our e-Commerce websites are the perfect solution to selling your products online!

There are so many individual options and requirements with a shopping website, that we generally find it much easier to give you a better explanation when we know what you ‘need it to do’


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